S.V.M. S.V. Medaris IllustrationBook illustration

Book illustration by S.V. Medaris--click on any of these samples from the various books to see an enlarged detail of the image.

The most recently illustrated, How's the Water?: Recreation on Wisconsin Lakes was published in Fall, 2002. Editors are Robert Korth and Tamara Dudiak and publishers are the Wisconsin Lakes Partnership - University of Wisconsin Extension and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources:
bass and smaller fish gull stands atop a stack of law bookssnapper eyes a (stupid) person's hand reaching for boat keys  below the turtle.
pen, ink on scratchboard

Illustrations below are from Sentimental Journal, written by Marcia Duncan, to be published by Muse World Media:
young girl writes in her journal spider hangs from web, while antique teddy bear looks onburr oak tree in summer sun

The Eat Smart books are a series of travel/cook books, written by Joan Peterson, published by Ginkgo Press. S.V. Medaris illustrated the first 6 books. A sampling follows:
tangia (cloth-covered jar) mushrooms (above), marano (pig) below bolillo (bread roll)
pen and ink on scratchboard (color added digitally)


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