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The Art and Design of S.V. Medaris

S.V. Medaris' Bucky Cow (On WisCOWnsin) merchandise
(from the CowParade Wisconsin event, Summer 2006):

Herrington Teddy Bear's On Wis"COW"nsin (left) at The University Bookstore & Cow Parade store

Bovine Bucky statuette at The University Bookstore

On WisCOWnsin collector's pin at the CowParade store

S.V. Medaris at cafepress.com:
These designs are on t-shirts, tanks, mugs, etc. at CafePress.com. Just click on any image or link below to go to The Dancing Dog.

Here's some favorites(click to see that item in store):

bbq apron with farmwife on it hinged, tile box with chicken little terrier dog on tile coaster mug with different breeds of chickens around it
'I'm a chick magnet' magnet green poultry underground shirt a chicken in every house magnet


1. Art from the One Chick Show

In October, 2004, S.V. Medaris had her "One Chick Show" featuring oils, etchings, and pastels of chickens. The highlight was a 13' x 20' canvas painting of a Buff Orpington cock (Big Tiny) on a stage, with a little dog (Dexter) looking up at him. Here is a box and a tile featuring art from that painting.

2. The Poultry Underground

About The Poultry Underground: Once upon a time, not so very long ago, in Madison, Wisconsin, it was illegal to have chickens in a coop in your backyard. Thankfully (in 2004) that has changed. Here's a nostalgic design remembering those clandestine times. These characters are printed on shirts, tanks, mugs, steins....see them all at 'The Dancing Dog'.

3. A Fowl Line up
Featuring the words of Grandma Moses: " If I didn't start painting, I would have raised Chickens."...words that us chicken-ranchin' artists (or any chicken ranchers) can relate to. See all of the products available with this design at 'Squeezy's Fowl Line Up' store. "I especially like the large mug," says Squeezy.

4. The Farmer's Wife:

S.V. Medaris' rendition of the main character in the nursery rhyme "Three Blind Mice." See her at Squeezy's 'The Farmer's Wife' store.

Logo for Mad City Chickens

Madison, Wisconsin's own "mad" chicken can be seen at madcitychickens.com (site and logo designed by S.V. Medaris).This group educates the public on raising backyard chickens within the city limits. Any profits earned at the madcitychickens store goes towards this nonprofit organization for site maintenance, class materials, public education, and so forth.

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