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S.V. Medaris has illustrated and designed The Why Files since September, 1999. TWF is an illustrated, weekly, online science magazine dedicated to bringing "the science behind the news" to it's readers. The stories are fact-checked by scientists, easy and fun to read, and colorfully illustrated to make them visually interesting, light-hearted, and educational.

At right: some of the many whimsical and educational graphics created by S.V. Medaris for The Why Files.

Artist's picks
Some of Sue's favorite "scientifically" illustrated Why Files stories appear below – click on any image below to go to it's online story

Images above created by S.V. Medaris for The Why Files, © University of Wisconsin, Board of Regents

More Digital Illustration & Animation
A couple of Flash animations appear below.

Click on the dog, wait for the animation to load (72K),
have some fun with navigational buttons:

An animated splash page of a chicken yard (88K)

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